2014-10-05_12-27-57The complexity of the files in a Web Application require a clear mental map. The “file system” that computers and files have been organized around for years is definitely an old concept, but for developers one that is an absolute. There was no reason to buck the system. But a Tree component was going to be needed to display the information and manage the relationships.

The fully interactive, style-able PTree was the answer. Complete with multi-selection, drag-drop support, deferred loading, tree-state caching and many more PTree can be used in any web project with 1 line of code — shared as a Pack. It’s light-weight, drawn entirely with CSS and thus fully scalable, allows for any number of concurrent trees extending to any depths.

PTree is the component used in the Qubed Peas Patch Viewer to manage and manipulate all files and references.