I just finished doing something I always wondered about: I removed all of my apps from the App Store shelves. It’s time. I’ve dreaded doing it, but my support for each has waned over recent months as I forge new paths. My time with each of them was awesome and I would not be where I am today without them. But it’s time — so I keep saying.

It’s all a bit more dramatic than that, actually. There’s a strange internal pang that keeps hitting me. It feels like “loss”. And I do know that sounds really crazy, but I can’t shake it.

The likely candidates are Joe and Stick. Joe Monkey and his band of characters represent far more than a mobile game to me. They were friends that I spent months with in sketch-pads, animation programs, recording studios, logic controllers, debug software… Joe and I spent a lot of time together.

And Stick. Your silly positivity moved even me.

I’m sorry to see you all heading off to the land of memories. I’ll remember you, even if no one else will.


All Apps Removed