I was working on QubedPeas a bit lately and needed a semi-complete system to run tests against. The relationships I was testing dealt with everything from URLs to dynamic rewriting and since there were so many changes happening I thought I’d make sure my test tools were up to the task.

For this one I would need a real “product” to test, a real app. Something that used resources from multiple places around the patch to make sure linkages between those resources stuck when things were changed. To do this I started simply like we all do and had a few pods that loaded one another. Then slowly that formed into a more and more polished test program.

There are notes on each version, but the over-riding message here is “make your test programs awesome too”. If you take care in building your test environment you will have better results.

See the final version:  http://qubedpeas.com/examples/rabbitPatch/

or, start at the beginning:  http://qubedpeas.com/examples/rabbitPatch/?v=1