I don’t have a lot to show on this one, a resource loader is not the most visual of elements. But suffice it to say that I spent a fair amount of time designing a very extensive relative resource loading system. That means that if you can point to one file in the package the loader can figure out how to load the rest.

This creates scenarios where it is simple to share a component between teams, environments, websites — just about anywhere. I’m still working on the best way to package up the loader so it presents itself as a simple library inclusion, but until then it needs one script tag to be included and then you tell it what to load.

Some of the more unusual features of this loader are the ability to load any file type, to install html template files for later use, active memory, thread controls and blocking. It will do the work of loading web resources like .js and .css files then insert them properly into the DOM properly and uniquely.

It could be one of the more exciting developments from my recent JS exploits, but again, it’s not exactly pretty.