WebStorm IDE with SOOJS Templates.   As a quick refresher, SOOJS is a simple object-oriented pattern for JavaScript development. And WebStorm is simply the world’s best IDE for JavaScript.

File Template Setup

  1. Install WebStorm (seems obvious enough)
  2. Install SOOJS File Templates

That’s it. Wow, that was easy. Now you have the SOOJS File Templates. NOTE: The file templates here may be old. As changes are made they can be found in the GIT repository. The current direct link to the settings file is: HERE.

More Setup…

These are totally additional setup instructions. I will include my entire WebStorm settings file in this. This setup file has key mappings, and fonts, etc. Import to a new WebStorm build to jumpstart things, but once you have a nice solid WebStorm environment, I’d use the link above to only pull in the templates. IDE Settings File

WebStormSettings.jar (unzip first)

A Blank Project Template

Git Project (clone and start a new project from this one)