We’ve made it. You are now fully ready to go forth with your new-found knowledge of SOOJS and build better and more maintainable JavaScript applications. The last few things I will leave you with are some samples of SOOJS in practice.

File Templates

Let’s start with file templates. There are 3 basic templates I advise. They are simple and make life 100% easier once you get them in your workflow. Even if you are only sparingly going to use SOOJS these really come in handy.

I will link to the GitHub repo here for the templates, as I hope to keep them fresh there:

GitHub: SOOJS Templates


I took on the TodoMVC challenge with SOOJS as my only weapon to see how it would stack up against frameworks. It does amazingly well. I will embed to the todo application below, but also say that (again) the GitHub repo has the source code for this app.


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