An Object Oriented pattern for JavaScript

After returning to JavaScript is such a big way with the Unified project I was frustrated enough with the clear lack of organization and control that I set out to find a better way. There were many frameworks that helped here, but also brought their own pains to the party. I decided what was really needed was a new JavaScript pattern. Something that was clear and simple to learn but powerful once applied. One of the main goals was to make a true pattern; something that had no required inclusions or files; something that could be used in any project, framework, or library ever devised. What I ended up with after several months of work was SOOJS. It’s true power lies in a few concepts of the language which are all extremely simple to use one the appropriate pattern is applied.

It’s a bit hard to show off a pattern here in a portfolio, and a real write-up about the pattern is underway (I will include an appropriate link here later when it is complete). So to “show” the pattern I have built the standard TodoMVC application with SOOJS.