On the heels of releasing Joe I decided to see how quickly I could turn around another property. This time I would have to choose something with a bit less NPC logic. I was fascinated with match-3 puzzle games and thought there were a few mechanic ideas that could make the whole game style a bit more interesting. True to my RPG background I added an upgrade option that allows the player to choose their own play-style a bit.

The art style was decidedly simple and light. I was trying to stay away from deep details and nuances. I decided to make it look inviting and simple, with a slight flair for silly. The game pieces also had to remain stark, identifiable and unique. In the end one of the best pieces turned out to be the egg which is about as simple as it could get.

For audio direction I chose to use no repetitive loops save for the dreaded drum beating and instead move forward with piece movement sounds and a strong underlying current of positivity for the characters. The voice acting was done primarily by my wife and son who really dove in and made outstanding tracks to work with.