Late in the summer of 2012 I was brought back into a project that I first pushed for in 2010. I did a large amount of design and architecture work to figure out how to collapse several of the tracking systems at FedEx. The project grew legs and began work in earnest. In the meantime, however, I was brought over to lead the mobile team in design, development and direction.

About 18 months later I was brought back in at the end of the development cycle for the “Unified Tracking” project. There were a few resource issues and they needed some extra hands.

My areas of focus upon returning were to clean up the designs, rewrite several core chunks of a few of the applications, and manage other developers’ tasks to make sure our dates were met.

Below are a few screenshots of the production application. Of particular interest to me are the screens where the travel history appears on a timeline, and the print preview screen where a fair amount of my focus went to make sure users printing the page would get the information they were actually after.

At the end of the shots you can also see a support and development tool I wrote in the form of a Chrome Extension for the project.