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And then there was 5.0.

Game Tracker, at this point, had been around for 5 years and had many tens of thousands of users. As always I had included a “feedback” mechanism in the app all along and almost all of the messages I received from users was positive. In fact many of the adjustments and future features came from those emails. So it was with a bit of trepidation that I stepped out and decided to redesign in an entirely new direction.

With the power of the devices Apple now had available it was time to step out and do something a bit more sophisticated. From the ground up I spent almost a month on feature and flow designs, then another month on graphic mock-up. Finally, the chosen designs for version 5 were polished, sophisticated and more responsive than ever before.

Some of the social features were brought in from Gamer Book and a whole new rating system was introduced. The tricky “cheats” with live auto-bookmarking was brought over and a full data backup mechanism was introduced. It was a huge rewrite, but well worth it.

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