A bit later in the Blackberry adoption curve, we decided to release a version of our very successful iPhone tracking application on Blackberry.

It will come as no surprise to any developers for older Blackberry OSs, but the options were very limited. In fact it took almost a week of coding to create a rock-solid button. Yeah, a standard button that simply didn’t look like an oval with text in it. I was told multiple times by the RIM team to either wait for their newer OS or to develop a simple “Blackberry styled” application.

I was unwilling to reduce my design expectations. And having more time than sense I set forth to attempt to nearly replicate the iPhone experience in the much less capable Blackberry environment. Since this time RIM has made great strides to bring their development environments up to the level of the rest of the competition as well as the device capabilities. But, at this point in time I unknowingly set myself an enormous challenge.

What resulted I was proud of. There were several elements that simply had to be adapted to the environment, but for the most part an iPhone user could use the Blackberry version and feel reasonably at home.