So I wrote a video game. That is pretty exciting and cool. But really only to me and my friends. Somehow I need to tell the world, and the best place for that is the Media. They make their bones by finding interesting new stories to share, and I think I have a reasonably interesting one to tell.

I’ve been thinking about this period of the release cycle for roughly half of the life-cycle at this point. I’ve worried about how to get the story across, whether or not the game was interesting enough, and how I could “help” the Media tell folks about it.


I really want to jump right in and send out “look, I’m over here” emails to a few places, but I have to continue to take the steps needed to tell Joe’s story best — before I just rush in. So how am I doing that?

First, I need to look around for example press releases on the web. I’ll find out what folks in the Media are looking for, and what they hate. There is no doubt they are overwhelmed by “I wrote a new game” emails. I want to only do this where I think it will be meaningful to them and to me.

Then I will write my story. I need to do the standard introductions and such, but the meat will be in telling quickly and interestingly what Joe is all about. I will also include information about my tiny one-man company Metal Sole Studio and a bit about the development cycle it took to get here.


This becomes the trick. I want to send out information to the highest-profile places first, to give them a chance to pick up the story before they have seen it “somewhere else” and don’t want to just “follow”. The biggest names in game reviews are easy to come by because I read them myself.

Then there are other shops I will definitely want to send information to about the release: indie game sites, app review sites, app lists.






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