Well, finally Joe released to the App Store and here I wait anxious for the first installs. I’ve been here before and know the game, but it still always catches me off-guard. After a year of work and worry I submit to the App Store and await that magical “you have been accepted” email from Apple. All of that, only to be vastly disappointed by the lack of immediate success.

Weren’t there people just lined up for 12 months while I worked away at this? Weren’t they excitedly awaiting the moment it hit the store shelves? Well, fine then.

In fact, in the hours after Joe Monkey Escapes released I couldn’t find the title at all in the store — to include searching on the full name. I will chalk that up to some form of search indexing taking longer to update, but it’s still frustrating.

So this morning I embarked on a journey to improve my SEO within the App Store so folks could find the game — as well as stumble across it more often.


This seems so obvious: Good Title, Solid Keywords, Tight Description and everything should work just fine. But things are not that perfect in App Store land. There are now well over 500,000 apps in the App Store with a rather paltry store stuck on the front. It’s hard enough to find a good app when you need one, much less when it’s your app and you want to get in front of everyone in the pet food isle.

So, not so simple

Okay, so now what. Of the many apps I have in the store quite a few of them fall on the 3rd page when even searching on their titles. And keywords seem to be very unreliable as well. How can we do a better job of telling customers we are out here?

I’m working on this at this time, so I don’t want to mention any tips of my own. I’m just as troubled as the rest of you at the time. Here are the initial resources I found that help out, though:

A few resources


Some compiled thoughts

  1. Name your app well and include pertinent terms in the name. (Example: Joe Monkey Escapes will never help someone stumble upon the game…)
  2. Apple’s search engine is not at all intelligent. The more we live in a post-Google world the dumber something like the App Store search engine looks. It doesn’t manage misspellings of your terms (“receipe” will never be found), plurality (put in both “dog” and “dogs”), description “keyword density” matters.

 Closing thoughts, for now

I plan on returning and posting follow-ups to this as I begin to track my successes. For now, this is only a primer for others to think about. Like I said, I’m still in the same boat as you are!

Now, time for me to go do something about that.